Good evening, gassy followers.

Yes, I typed that to sound very serious and evil-like. *Enter MUAHAHAHAs here*

Anyways, this blog IS still alive (contrary to popular belief), but I have had 0 submissions and no great ideas. I can always post stuff about my experiences, but I don’t know if anyone wants to hear about those. That and I would rather not re-live them as they were bad enough the first time.


Err, um, yes. Submit stuff, please. *Shifty eyes*

Wow, it’s a been a while since I’ve been on.

Sorry about that! Between school, my relationship, and the fact that there’s only so much creativity I have when it comes to gas jokes, I just haven’t gotten on here.

Seriously, send me submissions. There’s only so many jokes I can think of.

May the Flatulence be with you.

Admin note: Being nice and sharing one because it made me giggle :-P

Admin note: Being nice and sharing one because it made me giggle :-P

And now I must sleep because I have class super early.

I have queued some pictures for you gassy followers.

Have a dairy-free day/night! And every LI person knows that means wonderful!

Thank you so much for making me laugh about, in all honesty, one of the most stressful factors of my life! (and of others' lives of course)

Not a problem! Humor is always the solution haha I’m glad I’ve made someone else smile though the pain as well.